Things I admire beyond talent and skill.

Oluyomi Ojo
2 min readNov 1, 2021

As an entrepreneur and a leader, finding and hiring talents is one of your primary job descriptions. Now and then, we are constantly engaging talents, and in all my years of finding and recruiting people to build with me, I have come to understand that talent and skill are never enough. Here is a list of the things I do beyond talent and skills

Empathy: The ability of team members to understand and share the feelings of one another will go a long way in determining how they can execute and achieve common goals. This applies to leaders and followers. You can’t measure empathy on a CV, but it can make and break teams.

Dependability & Ownership: In today’s work-from-home world, reliability is non-negotiable. Your ability to own things and get things done without pushing responsibilities on other people will help you go far. In addition, the people working with you should be able to should have peace of mind simply because you are involved. Own your learning, own your wins, and hold your mistakes. As a result, people will trust you more and be willing to work with you.

Drive: A candidate who lacks certain skill sets can learn those skills if given the opportunity. However, I don’t think the movement can be taught. You are either driven or you are not. There are no middle grounds — the willingness to learn and do better trumps talent and skills at any time.

Curiosity: Your strong desire to know or learn something new about your industry, organization, and things around you will determine how far you will go. People who are unbothered about everything around them and need to be more curious to ask questions are usually weak links on teams. It’s only a matter of time before the effects start showing.

Kindness: Ah, this one, nothing to say or add. Kind people are easier to work with. Getting things done isn’t just about numbers; how people feel around you also matters. People will ALWAYS remember how you make them feel.

Gratitude: Being thankful for little things and the readiness to show appreciation and return kindness plays many roles in our careers. No one grows without help, and people are more comfortable helping grateful colleagues. Most importantly, being thankful for the little things in life puts you in the best mental state to get shit done at work.

Integrity: I don’t ever negotiate this one, while it’s difficult to fully see through a candidate’s integrity during the hiring process. There are flags to always look out for; most importantly, this one comes out eventually after being hired. It’s like smoke; you can’t hide.



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