Meet Printivo Store. A marketplace where everyone can sell print.

Together, we print.

  • To graduating students who are used to forcing and canvassing everyone to contribute for class t-shirts, face caps etc, It’s the store where everyone can easily order their own graduating T-shirts and other merchandise.
  • To the designer who wants to earn more, it’s an additional source of income where he can sell templates for products like business cards, letterheads, flyers etc.
  • To communities and movements, it’s the best way to get the word out and earn by selling print merchandise to members and followers.
  • To religious associations and fellowships, it’s a great way to share God’s words through print and get members to buy.
  • Our friends at Mamalette launched this: Mamalette Store. We love what they’ve done with their print store.
A New Dad T-shirt on Mamalette’s Store on Printivo. See more here.
  • Our friends at Afropolitan Vibes are also here
  • For Creative Girls also has their own store here

Everyone is invited

  • Visit to create your own store. Customize your store with your banners and logos.
  • Setup up your bank payment information (This is where your earnings will be sent to). Always follow the money
  • Start adding designs to your store using our design tool. Learn more about how to add designs here
  • Starting sharing your store and product links across social media platforms. Email your store’s link to friends. Share it on Whatsapp. Tell everyone about your store.
  • Log into your dashboard to monitor your sales and activities on your store. Easily transfer your earnings into your bank account with one click.

Printivo is now yours. Let’s Print.



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Oluyomi Ojo

Oluyomi Ojo

Founder @Printivo. Nathan's Dad, Wunmi’s husband. Building tech ventures in Africa & beyond.