Meet Cova; The Single Source of Truth For Your Wealth.

Oluyomi Ojo
4 min readDec 1, 2021

On the 29th of January, I bought dogecoin on Binance. A few minutes after the transaction, I realized that I had invested without telling my wife; the first thought that came to my head was, "What if I get hit by a bus as I stepped out of the house?." So I immediately sent her a message on WhatsApp updating her about the purchase and my Binance account. I then tweeted about the problem.

Over a thousand people engaged the tweet. It became clear that I was not the only one with fears of my assets being lost forever if anything happened to me. So I reached out to many people who commented on the tweet to learn more about their pain points. A few days later, I dropped a landing page for everyone that would love to use a product that solves this problem; a thousand and twenty-three people signed up globally within a week. And so the thinking behind Cova began.

So what's Cova?

Cova is the ultimate tool for organizing your wealth, keeping track of everything you own, and ensuring your loved ones find all your assets and portfolio in the event of an eventuality. For context, about four million bitcoins in circulation can't be traced due to the owners' death; That's over $200b in today's money. The US government is sitting on a whopping $80b worth of unclaimed assets. For the UK, the number is $50b. The total value of unclaimed assets in Nigeria is unknown. We know that the value of unclaimed stocks (alone) is about ₦160b. Banks and financial institutions worldwide are sitting on assets owned by people who have passed away, and the next of kin and family members know nothing about the existence of those assets. Fintech apps and Crypto platforms have joined that list.

Our assets are becoming more fragmented than ever as a new era of DIY investing, and wealth-building unfolds before us. It's becoming easy for our investments to fall within the cracks. Millennials and GenZs don't care about financial planners and asset managers; instead, they are building their wealth on multiple platforms and doing it without anybody's permission.

Our mission at Cova is to empower everyone to take complete control of their wealth today and beyond using technology by giving them a single source of truth for their wealth. We are empowering today's generation of investors to make sense out of their wealth, track everything they own in real-time, and most importantly, ensure the important people in their lives discover those assets and details if anything happens to them.

So what can you do with Cova?

  • Track your net worth in real-time across all platforms. Cova lets you connect your bank account, crypto wallets, stocks, investments apps, wallet apps, stock, and crypto tickers. You can also manually add your traditional assets like startup investments, real estate, collectibles, and more. You will view how your investment decisions affect your net worth and make intelligent decisions. In addition, you can keep track of your accounts and assets in your home country and abroad on the same dashboard.
  • Add important notes and documents to each asset. For example, you can add notes and critical documents like deeds receipts, SAFE and investment memos to each asset in Cova.
  • Manage critical documents and files you want your loved ones to find in the future. You can upload important documents like deeds, wills, agreements, etc. You can add videos and images you want your loved ones to discover in the future and add it to your vault.
  • Add beneficiary and life-check settings. Life happens; that's why we should always be prepared. Add beneficiary to your Cova portfolio and set up your life check interval notification. Based on your life-check settings, Cova will try to contact you when you stop being active on the app. If it receives no feedback after a period, it will notify the beneficiary of your portfolio data. You are entirely in control of these settings.

Who can use Cova?

Pretty much anyone from anywhere. Today, our coverage offers global stocks from over 150,000 stocks from 65 stock exchanges globally, 25 crypto exchanges including your favorite ones like Binance, Coinbase, TrustWallets, etc., over 11,000 crypto coins. You can connect 95% of financial institutions in North America(Canada/US) and most financial institutions in Nigeria. Note: The team is working tirelessly to add more financial institutions from across the world.

The process of wealth creation is getting democratized daily, and with that comes the problem of fragmentation. Today, we buy assets at the speed of thoughts. We download investment apps faster than we download social media apps. What if you can become your asset manager? What if you can build your own family office from your computer?. With decentralization comes complexity and fragmentation. Cova helps you simplify your wealth and asset.

So please visit to get started. Cova is currently available via web, works perfectly on both desktop and mobile.

Cova is a subscription-based service; it cost $55.99/year and $5.99/month. We do not sell advertising to our users nor offer them third-party services using their financial data.



Oluyomi Ojo

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