Introducing Cova Collaborations

Oluyomi Ojo
2 min readMar 24, 2022

We launched Cova a few months ago to help everyone keep track of net worth and investment portfolio with the peace of mind that everything will always be intact. Cova now has users in the US, Canada, Nigeria, the UK, and several other countries. Cova is in constant Beta as we iterate our offerings to deliver value to our users. Today, Cova users can easily sync their bank accounts and brokerages in the US, UK, and Nigeria, and they can connect their crypto wallets across 34 crypto exchanges. Our users can also track over 150,000 stock tickers from 65 stocker exchanges worldwide and 11,000+ crypto tickers. Over the last couple of months, users have asked for the ability to securely share financial portfolio data with other people like their spouses, attorneys, financial planners, and asset managers, so we went back to work.

Today, we are launching Cova Collaborations to enable our users to share their net worth and financial data in real-time with people in their lives.

So what can you do with Cova Collaborations?

  1. Give remote access to others.

Families' ability to track financial portfolios together is a great use case for this. Add your spouse as a collaborator and decide what you want them to see, and you will receive a secure OTP to share with them. Once they accept your invitation, they can view the portfolio you shared with them.

2. Give your attorneys, financial advisors, and asset managers access

Easily grant your legal/financial advisors access to your portfolio in real time. Think of this as an intelligent asset register instead of sending Excel sheets every month.

3. Taking a loan? You can give remote and controlled access to the creditor.

You can share your Cova portfolio creditors as proof of what you own; they can see your assets and every other supporting document in your portfolio.

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